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Say no to Diets!


Say no to Yo Yo Diets

This is a big shout out to all the women who have ever been on a diet!!!

That empty feeling of hunger and restriction. Dieting can be a depressive lonely place to be sometimes. You have this urge to lose weight but the only way you are going to do it is by restricting yourself and all your fun seems to disappear.

Sound familiar?? Every woman I have ever known has been on a diet. We all share the depressing stories of how we lived on fresh air and lost so many pounds then put it all back on.

A vicious cycle of weight loss and gain, there are so many companies out there too that will pounce on the vulnerable and offer them a quick fix for a short term period. Only leaving you feeling worse than when you started because you feel like a failure because you didn’t stick to a miserable restrictive diet.

It is pretty sad really, woman constantly feel the pressure of having to look a certain way. Feeling like bits of our body are ugly and this can stop us from doing things we enjoy because of how we look.

Wouldn’t it be great just to accept your body for how it looks and to embrace its power, your body is an amazing machine and should be embraced.

There are so many wasted years for judging yourself. We are all guilty of this.

What if we just started thinking on how we can be healthier? The by product of this is feeling great and added bonus of fat loss. No restriction, no nonsense.

I always speak about Healthy being so much more than what we eat.

Here’s a few tips on how you can make your world a little healthier..

  • Do some daily activity. Choose something you are going to enjoy which is going to make you happy and keep you smiling.

  • Get some fresh air, the benefits of being outside are huge, getting some Vit D and being at one with nature.

  • Try and eat foods a variety of fruit and veg, these foods will feed your body with nutrients and make you feel good inside and out.

  • Protein, fats and carbs, eat a good variety of each to keep your body healthy.

  • Mindfulness, practice just being. Our busy lives can just take us away from all the special moments of the day so practicing just sitting and listening to your breath and taking time out to keep your mind healthy is beneficial to your overall health.

  • Do things you enjoy, make sure you fill your spare time with things that make you smile. Whatever that may be. If it makes you happy do it.

  • Balance, keep this in your life, eating, drinking, balance is so important.

  • Be grateful, being grateful for all the things in your life, family, work, focus on it and appreciate it.

Finally, bin the diets off!!!

Diets will only work for a short period of time, it is inevitable you will lose weight if you restrict yourself of calories. Short term great, long term not so great.

You are so much more than the number on the scales!!

Be happy, Be healthy and have fun..


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