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Walls down and floor removed!

Sauna / Steam Remodel


Work has begun on the re-modelling of our old Sauna Steam Room. Over the past year we have been proud to host a Wrexham Food Bank Outreach Centre  here every Thursday making this valuable service available to local residents. The current remodel is making this space more usable. The Food bank Team are currently available in our Community Hub on a Monday temporarily but will return on a Thursday once work has been completed. This newly revamped space will also be available to other Community Services who need to reach the more rural areas of our Wrexham Community. Watch this page for regular updates and progress reports!

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Stage 1 !
Sauna 2.jpg
sauna 3.jpg
sauna 1.jpg
Stage 3!

With freshly painted walls, new flooring and the addition of lockable storage cupboards and a small kitchen worktop and sink this is now a much more usable space for our community groups!

IMG_0333 (1).jpg
Stage 2 !
Floor levelled
floor leveller down sauna.jpg
floor levelle sauna 2.jpg
Walls plastered and new ceiling fitted!
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