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The Parent / Child swim ratio is:

For children aged 4 & under the ratio is 1 adult  swimmer to 1 child.

For children aged 5 - 7 the ratio is 1 adult swimmer to 2 children.

(I.E If you have 1 child aged 6 months  and 1 child aged 5 years you will need 2 adult swimmers.

If you have 1 child aged 6 months and 2 children aged 5yrs and 7 yrs you will need 2 adult swimmers

If you have 3 children aged 2, 3 and 5 you will need 3 adult swimmers)

Parent & Paddler sessions differ slightly where the ratio

is 1 adult swimmer to 2 children for ages 4 & under.

Children 8 & over can swim alone however parents are still responsible for their child's behaviour & conduct when using facilities in the centre & pool.


We welcome customers wearing; Swim costumes, swim dresses, bikinis, tankinis, burkinis, modesty suits, Swim trunks, swim shorts. In addition to swimwear customers may wear  close fitting lycra based t-shirts (long or short sleeved), shorts or leggings.

Babies and children not yet toilet trained must wear a disposable swim nappy under appropriate swimwear such as neoprene swim nappy, swim suit or baby wetsuit.

We ask that customers wear garments which provide suitable coverage and are not transparent when wet.  Please refrain from wearing; Underwear / thong-style bikini bottoms, Denim items, heavy and/or loose clothing, Cotton based garments.

It is recommended that all jewellery is removed before swimming.

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