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How to stay on track!

It's the weekend!!

It's time to let loose!!

Are you one of those people that are great all week on their fat loss diet, then come the weekend you eat your body weight in ice cream!

You have smashed it all week. Stayed on track eating lots of fruit and veg, no alcohol, no chocolate, been to the gym and are feeling smoking..

Then boom! It's the weekend, lets go mental..Yes??

Then all the pounds come piling back on come Monday!

If so then let me try and help you stay on track and not ruin all your hard work.

You don't have to sew your lips together or never eat any tasty treats or have a little drink. That would be pretty rubbish but you can change some of your weekend habits to keep you smashing your goal.

Here's some tips to help!!

Take Aways

We all love a take away!! Who doesn't?? You can still have one, just make a healthier choice.

Instead of creamy sauces like a Korma, why not choose a tomato based sauce option. Change the rice to a salad or have a smaller portion. Lay off the sides!!

If you are following a calorie controlled diet then you can add this into your daily allowance. All foods can be eaten it's just making healthy decisions and learn to eat smarter..

Make your own

Why not make your own take away. There are so many amazing recipes online to follow, you can make something really tasty with less calories and more nutritious.

Pizza, curries, Chinese meals are all available free online. Get cooking and show off them skills.


This is what the weekends are about right? Relax, no work, have a few glasses. If you like a glass of something. Choose a less calorific drink instead, gin, vodka with slimline or diet lemonade. Also drink some water in between.

Again if you are on a calorie controlled diet, add it to your allowance then you can drink what you fancy.

Stay Active

If you have been training all week and think weekend is doing no exercise then why not do some walking. Burns calories, raises the endorphins, fresh air, its all relevant..


Everything should be in moderation. If you feel you are restricted at all then you are just going to binge and never going to be consistent and motivated to keep going.

Use your calories wisely

I keep mentioning a calorie controlled diet. Calories in and out. If you are tracking your calories then you can control how your calories can be obtained on the weekend.

If you have a special night coming up, why not cut back on your calories a few days before to give you extra calories for the night coming up. Or if you can't do that why not reduce calories for a few days after to balance everything out.

Skip breakfast, have less calorie meals.. Just a few things you can do to help keep you on track.

Stay Focused

It can be really difficult to stay motivated all the time. But in the long run staying focused and consistent will get you to where you want to be. Keep reminding yourself why you want it. What it would feel like to be at that goal. Write it down or keep reminding yourself of how far you have come. Consistency is the key to success when it comes to losing weight and improving your health. But you don't have to lead a dull or restrictive life to get there.

Health is balance, it should make you happy and enjoy it. It isn't easy but it's achievable.

Hope these tips help!!

Have a great week!!!

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