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Feels good to Exercise.

We all have experienced that oh I can’t be bothered to go and exercise. Trying to come up with any excuse not to go. Dragging ourselves out the door. Literally making all sorts of stories up in your head to justify not going. Sound familiar??

However, once we have done our workout, whatever that may be. Don’t you just feel great? Don’t you wish you could just bottle that feeling and whip it out now and again. You are dripping with sweat, aching and you just feel awesome.

That is why we love it! That feeling of true accomplishment. You’ve just mastered a move, lifted a heavier weight. Achieved a PB, whatever it may be that sense of amazingness after exercise is what keeps you coming back.

So, what really happens to your brain when you exercise. Why do you feel so good? Basically, your brain recognises your body is under stress, increased heart rate etc so it releases endorphins to make us feel happy. This is the simpler explanation. It is impressive how the body manages this. The body is an amazing machine and performs some amazing things daily.

Therefore, we feel happier and everything seems a lot less stressful and clearer after exercise. Besides the physical aspects of exercise, aesthetics, it has a huge impact on our brains as well which can help improve mental health problems too.

This is why exercise gets the thumbs up from me. Chose something you enjoy. You are guaranteed to stick to it then. If it makes you feel good, then keep at it. Who doesn’t want that.

Exercise helps you escape from reality for an hour of your day. Dancing to music with friends, lifting some weights, outside running or cycling. That escapism and feeling of progress is an amazing feeling. You feel strong inside and out, you could take on the world after.

This is why I love exercise, it truly has some amazing powers and gives you the chance to enjoy the moment without thinking about anything else.

So, if you are thinking of starting, think about what you enjoy not what someone else thinks you would like. Have a go and embrace the feeling. You won’t regret it. Smash that workout and get planning your next one.

Then once you have conquered it, go and spread the love….

Carys Hughes

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