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Staying Motivated in February

This year is your year! New Year New Me! I am going to be in the best shape of my life. New gym gear bought and ready for action, I am going to be super healthy and fit from this day forth!

This is a familiar and positive mindset for many people at January! But what about February?? This is generally when the motivation starts to dwindle!! Where has all this super enthusiasm gone?

Don’t beat yourself up!

Let me tell you why and give you a few tips to keep that motivation rocking all the way through the year!

Too much exercise overload!

Have you been hitting the gym 7 days a week? No rest, no life, not fun just gym gym gym!!

If you have come from not doing any exercise and hitting the workouts full pound for a whole month then you are going to be feeling pretty drained! Worn out, and wondering what all this gym malarkey is all about.

First tip! Ease yourself into it! Get yourself a decent trainer who can provide you with some decent training advice so you can get the best out of your training. If you can’t afford a trainer then your gym should be able to give you a workout so that you are working efficiently.

Doing something you don’t enjoy!!

So you think you have to go to the gym everyday to be healthy and fit. Well you don’t. If you don’t like the gym don’t do it!!

Second Tip! Find something you enjoy. If you love Zumba then do Zumba. You are going to stick to it if you enjoy it!! What is the point if you hate it so much!! Exercise should be fun....

Get planning!

Write down your week and see where you can fit in your chosen activity!! Ooooooh I can do Zumba on a Tuesday Morning after I have dropped the kids off... Get that wiggle on!!

Planning is the boss, if you see it in black and white and you know you have it there ready to be done it’s much easier to follow.

Have a goal!!

If you don’t have a goal whether it’s getting fit, losing weight, running a 5k you can be pretty much be aimlessly exercising with no purpose, this can instantly dampen your motivation. If you see progress the reverse happens.

Enter a race, get yourself signed up to a local race and get the training done. You can imagine the sense of achievement once you’ve smashed your goal... Boom you did it!

Whatever your goal! Write it down and focus on it.

Remember you are human

Embrace your new healthier lifestyle!! You are doing amazing!!

Ask yourself WHY???

Why are you choosing to live a healthier lifestyle? Do you want to be able to run around with your kids more. Do you need to improve your health for medical reasons?

Focus on that WHY and this will help you with that extra bit of motivation..

Whatever the reason, you are doing better than anyone that hasn’t decided to make healthier changes!!

Rome wasn’t built in a day!!

Don’t give up go and have fun.. Fitness should be fun and make you smile!! Go and wiggle, run, lift, dance or swim..

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Carys Hughes

Assistant Gym Supervisor

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