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How you can improve resistance training.

How you can improve resistance training massively!

Before we jump into this you must do one very important thing and leave your ego at the door because I’m going to cover some small changes to your training that will have huge benefits and make results come just that little quicker.

1. Lower the weight and increase the reps- lower the weight to something that you cancontrol and use prefect form with doing this will allow you to get full range of

motion. Aim anywhere in the 8-20 rep range depending on the exercise this is the

hypertrophy range and is best to maximise muscle growth anything less than 8 reps is considered the strength building range with more weight. Give yourself anything up to 2 minutes rest in-between sets the less time resting the more fat burning I like to say.

2. Stretching and squeezing- when performing the exercise and using full range of

motion you want to do it at a slow and controlled pace at the bottom of the motion

is where the muscle is fully stretched out, this is where most of the damage is done

and you’re body will need to repair this and build more muscle. At the top of the

motion where the muscle will be fully contracted you want to squeeze the muscle to get a harder contraction again maximising the damage to the tissue and the more repairing and muscle building you’re body will have to do afterwards.

3. Supersets, dropsets and different exercises - Throwing these in your workout will really help to get the muscle burning, add these at the end of your set as these will really tire out the muscle and keep in mind stretching and squeezing the muscle at all times. You can even throw in some half reps at the end to really finish off a workout and you will feel a lot better after knowing that you completely taxed out the muscle that you were working. Also doing different exercises will help you target the muscle from different angles and fully develop it. Also having a strong mind muscle connection helps, I like to sometimes close my eyes whilst doing a set and focus all my attention on that muscle, you will feel it a lot more and then it’s

just a case of pushing yourself as hard as you can! Maybe not following the rep range so strictly too, If I feel like I have 4 more in me I will do 3 always staying 1 rep away from complete fatigue and make sure you get the right nutrition as that has a huge part to play!

Give this a try and see the difference!


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