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If you’re a woman you will be fully aware of this statement. How many times have you felt like you could eat your body weight in chocolate and sweets? Especially around the time of the month.

Cravings can have a big psychological effect on us and we automatically think we are going to put a stone of fat on in a day. This is very untrue, so don’t panic. If you have increased weight this will be water due to the increase in carbohydrate, so try and not to stress to much.

Cravings can be caused by a fluctuation in hormones which generally occurs when we are about to experience a period. The reason for these cravings is a physiological effect which is happening in your body hence why you are craving carbohydrates.


A helpful tip is to try and curb your cravings and to increase your carbohydrates just before your period. Monitor the signs the month before and note these changes happening so you can be ready and prepared for when they occur again.

What I mean by increasing your carbs is to incorporate things like rice, potatoes, fruit, into your diet. This will help curb the cravings as this is the signals you are getting because your body needs more energy around about this time in the month.

If you are calorie counting then try and stay within your calorie intake or if you are counting macros then lower your fat intake around about this time. Don’t worry if you are not doing any of these just be mindful of what you are eating and try include more whole food carbs into your diet.

Remember we are all different so adjust things accordingly.

Be kind to yourself too. If you do have a chocolate bar then don’t throw all your good intentions out of the window, just be aware and do the above. A chocolate bar will not ruin everything.

Balance is the key!

Making simple changes can make a big difference. See what works for you!!


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