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How to beat the Christmas Bulge!

Christmas is nearly here and we are all thinking about our party nights and all

the amazing food we will be enjoying.

Christmas is a time to be enjoyed so doing these little extra things will help you

curb the extra pounds that you could put on.

Firstly.. Get moving! Why not go for a walk in the fresh air or do some

exercises at home. If you lack motivation then join a gym or go to a fitness

class where you should get encouraged and supported. Add some strength

training into your regime to help you build some muscle instead gaining extra


Drink in moderation.. As we all know alcohol is extra calories so choose your drink

wisely. Drink alcohol which contains less calories such as spirits with slim line

tonic. Also drink some water in between drinking alcohol to keep you


Treats.. We all love our chocolates and goodies over the festivities but think

about not over indulging without depriving yourself of all those lovely things to


Don’t skip your meals too. Keep to your regular healthy meal intake and this

will stop you from binging on chocolates or biscuits because hunger has set in

and your energy levels are low. Make sure you take in lots of protein and

vegetables as they are low calories and will help to fill you.

Keep yourself hydrated.. Drink lots of fluid during the festivities. Dehydration

can be confused by hunger so make sure you are drinking at least 2 litres of

fluid daily, especially after those party nights.

Be realistic.. Don’t set yourself unrealistic goals. Make some time in your day

to do a little. 30 minutes of exercise is better than nothing. Just adding a little

more movement will help with those extra calories than may have been eaten

or drunk.

And finally enjoy yourself.. All the above will help you during the festivities but

don’t deprive yourself. Christmas is about fun.

Eat drink and be merry..

Our gym team at Splash Magic wishes you all a very Merry Christmas..


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