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New Boilers Installed

Plas Madoc Leisure Centre has received a large grant to replace its 2 old inefficient boilers with much smaller modular boilers. The centre will see its boiler efficiency rise from 60% to over 90%.

The ‘We are Plas Madoc’ group led a local consultation on where they would wish to see money invested locally and the response overwhelmingly supported the Community Trust and their work at the Leisure Centre.

The cost savings of almost £20,000 per annum in running costs will be a huge boost for the community trust and help grow the community hub at Plas Madoc into the future.

Stella Matthews, Chairman of The Splash Community Trust said,

This is a major boost to our efforts to keep running Plas Madoc Leisure Centre, everything we save on running costs can be reinvested back in the centre to improve our service and hopefully create a strong, stable footing for the centre to grow year on year.

We appreciate the help and support shown by the Building Communities Trust group, they are working with local people to make sure this lottery money is spent where the local people want it to be.

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