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Achieving your January goals!

We are nearly half way through January and most of us have New Year’s resolutions which are health and fitness orientated. If this is you then how are you going to achieve your goals?

Here are a few tips on how to keep you on track....

Firstly, make your goals realistic. Be sensible when it comes to your goals. Don’t throw yourself into everything.

Start with one small goal such as drinking more water throughout the day. Stick to this for a month then progress onto another goal.

Small steps are much more achievable and you will be more successful if you break your goals into short term goals, medium goals and long term goals. Also remember to be specific.

Get some help. Hire a trainer or join a gym to get some professional advice. Remember you will stick to a fitness regime if you enjoy what you do. Zumba, gym, swimming, running. Try it, if it makes you smile and happy then continue with it.

Get yourself a planner. Plan your week, this will also make you accountable and make you manage your week better. Seeing it in writing will make everything real too.

Ask yourself why! Why are you wanting to get fit and healthy? Is it for you to be more confident, to get healthier, to look and feel better, to be able to run about with the kids without getting out of breath.

Think about why you are wanting to achieve your goal! Have faith in yourself, don’t stress if you fail one day. It is about the long term, be realistic and can succeed.

Enjoy it too. Being healthy doesn’t have to be boring and miserable, balance is the key. Love and live your life.



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