General Swim Sessions


Click on the POOL TIMETABLE link below to see General Swim times


Last admission to the pool is 45 minutes before pool closing time


The fantastic wave machine is available every quarter to & quarter past the hour during general swim periods.


The pool is a free form leisure pool, broadly measuring 25m x 25m

Pool temperature is 31 degrees


Can we respectfully request that you note that a Child Swimming Admissions Policy operates in the Pool.


The Parent / Child swim ratio is:


For children aged 4 & under the ratio is 1 adult to 1 child

For children aged 5 - 7 the ratio is 1 adult to 2 children


Parent & Paddler sessions differ slightly where the ratio

is 1 adult to 2 children for ages 4 & under.


Children 8 & over can swim alone however parents are still responsible for their child's behaviour & conduct when using facilities in the centre & pool.